Let's Work Together!



Are you an influencer, small business, or creative in New Orleans or Lafayette who needs help with your photos?? Let's work together! Here's how it works:

  • Send me a message using the contact form to book your consultation call. This is where we talk through your ideas, aesthetic, and sort through images together on Pinterest. The goal of this call is to walk away with an overview for the photoshoot, some location ideas and inspiration photos in hand. This call should be about 30-45 minutes. After our call I'll send you an email with a recap and a quote.
  • After we've had some time to mull over ideas we'll have a follow up conversation via phone or email to choose our date for the photoshoot and finalize details: location, outfit, hair & makeup, time of day, and any props if needed.
  • Photoshoot time!
  • All your photos will be sent to you in a google photo folder or iphone shared album within a week of photoshoot unless otherwise specified.


I'm not a professional photographer and I take all my photos on my iphone. Look at me as the in between person: you're not quite interested in taking the photos yourself but you also don't have the budget for a professional photographer. That's exactly where I come to the rescue! Between working in retail and owning my own business I've been taking product photos for the past 7 years. And yes, all of those photos were taken on my phone! From promotional images to website listings and social media photos my trusty camera phone has been there to capture it all! Check out my portfolio to see examples of my work. 


The packages:

Consultation. If you're a do it yourself gal but you need some help wrangling in your thoughts and coming up with a clear design plan then this is for you. What you get is an hour long zoom call with me where we discuss your photoshoot. Use me as a sounding board to figure out exactly what you want to accomplish. We'll look at inspiration photos together and talk through color pallet, models, poses, location, props, what you need to bring, who you need to hire, and the goal of the photoshoot. Things you need to do in preparation for this talk is have at least 3 reference photos for us to get the ball rolling. An overview of your goal or why you want to do this shoot. For example, is this to mark a milestone like a birthday graduation or new job, is it head shots for you as an artist or musician to submit to gigs or events, is it promotional images for a product based business that will need to go on your website, is it lifestyle images you need for the cover of a wholesale lines sheet or postcards to send to businesses or potential clients of your own. Or heck is it just for fun?? Whatever the reason is fine but we need to keep this in mind while we make decisions. I will send you a recap email with all of the things we discussed including reference images. 

The keeping it cheap but I need you to do the things package. This includes the consultation call plus I will be there to take the photos of you. This is only available to New Orleans locals. This means I'll consult as well as creative direct and take your photos in person. The catch with this is that I use my iphone for all the photos I take. They are really gorgeous photos but they are not high resolution so if you're using this for something that will need to be printed in large format like a poster this might not work. I've always used these photos for my website and printed promotional items so they work fantastic for that. What you get in the end is every photo I take from the day as well as at least 10 edited photos sent to you either through iphone shared album or google folder.

The lights camera action package. This is where you just hire me to creative direct. We'll have a consultation call where we discuss everything but then you're also hiring a professional photographer. Maybe you're also looking to hire models and makeup artist as well.