Whole 30: WEEK 2

Holy shit this week kicked my ass. LIKE KICKED MY ASS. The mood swings, the crankiness, the omg I'm so hungry all of the time and I'm really sick of literally everything I'm eating came in full force this week. There was a day that something happened to make me angry and I went from 0 to crying in 2 seconds. I angry cried and yelled "I'M VERY FRAGILE FOR THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER." Sooooo that's how whole 30 is going so far. Because of my massive cranky mood I was really terrible at keeping notes in my phone and tracking each day so let's just sum it up to I was tired, cranky, and hungry every day this week.

DAY 8. I worked all day so I had most of my meals at work.

Breakfast. Sweet potato with fried egg and avocado

Lunch. 2 salmon patties, arugula with tomato and cucumber and green onions covered in tahini, seasoned olive oil, salt and pepper, and lemon. Y'all this recipe is so, so good! Like I will absolutely make this after I'm done with whole 30. The only problem is that it didn't keep me full for very long.

Dinner. Cauliflower rice with leftover chicken curry. The curry was still not good but I was hungry and didn't really want to make anything new for dinner although I did summon the energy to make the cauliflower. I cooked it in coconut cream with lots of spices.

DA7 9. I did manage to take notes this day. Today was one of the hardest days. I thought I passed over the hard sugar crash phase but I have been cranky and had a really short temper. I didn't eat enough today and had a late breakfast so I felt completely out of it.

Breakfast. 11:30am, it took me way to long to eat anything. I fixed a smoothie before I went to grocery shop for the coffee shop. Frozen banana, unsweetened almond milk, almond butter, cinnamon, cold brew, chia seeds, flax seed, and frozen strawberries. It was super good and I drank it all before I could get to my car.

Lunch. 2:00pm, 2 salmon cakes over spinach with green onions, and cucumber with olive oil, tahini, salt and pepper, and lots of lemon squeezed on top of everything. I think I realized with this meal how much I was missing different flavors. I really haven't used citrus and I love lemon and lime so it was a good reminder to mix it up.

Snack. 4:00pm, half an avocado with a fried egg and everything but the bagel seasoning and cholula. It was a really great discovery to find out I can have this hot sauce!! It's my favorite.

Dinner. 7:00pm, lettuce leaves with avocado and mayo mash, cherry tomatoes, and bacon. By the end of the day I was totally crashing. I had to go to the studio to finish an order but when I got there I realized I really hadn't eaten enough and I was trying to find somewhere to pick up food but not having any luck and was so worn out from working at my day job earlier that I was on the verge of a major meltdown. I called Andy and was panicked and hungry and about to cry. He made me bacon and I went back home and threw this together and called it a damn night.

DAY 10. Ok this is the day where I completely stopped writing anything down so like who really knows.

Breakfast. Probably eggs and potato and other veggies. I definitely know that we went to get coffee at hey cafe after breakfast and then we went to the studio so that Andy could help me put up shelves.

Lunch. Let's be real, I probably ate more salmon cakes with spinach and cucumber and tahini and olive oil and like all the lemon I could get my hands on. Because as you are learning I love cooking but I love leftovers more.

Snack. I definitely remember this! I went to get a hair cut and after I was going to go thrifting with my friend Amanda and I was like ooh I should stop to get a smoothie so that I'm not a nightmare friend to shop with. So I stopped at this place called Good Karma which carries lots of all natural foods and they are just very conscious of dietary restrictions in general. So I got this awesome smoothie packed full of nut butter and good stuff which is great because my afternoon got real weird.

Story Time. So I picked up Amanda and we decided to go to the West Bank to go thrifting which means we had to cross the crescent city connection bridge. When I got to the top of the bridge my car stopped working! Like the battery died WHILE I was driving. So the accelerate stopped and I was just coasting. I immediately got into the far right lane and put on my hazards and was like omg what do we do, should I pull over now, no if I do that then we'll be stuck on the freaking bridge, I guess we'll just have to coast down and we'll get momentum going down and try to take the first exit. Amanda called Andy and put him on speaker so I could tell him what was happening and he could head over to get us. When I was getting to the exit I had gained enough speed and needed to slow down but when I hit my brakes they had locked up so I was frantically saying oh shit, oh shit, oh shit over and over and pumping my brakes until they loosened and I could get us to a stop. We stopped, emergency braked, called Andy again to let him know we were safe, turned the engine off, and got out and stood in the grass to have a breather and started looking up mechanics nearby. Honestly, repeating what happened feels like talking about a show I watched because I wouldn't have thought I would instinctively know how to handle that situation but I feel like survival mode just took over and was like ok this is how you keep yourself and everyone else safe. And also if Amanda wasn't with me I'm pretty sure I would have had a panic attack but she was so calm and positive through everything that it kept my emotions in check. Andy called and was like you should try to start your car so I did and it started up fine. The check engine light was on but other than that it turned on like nothing had happened, I drove a little bit forward and it drove fine, brakes worked. So then we looked up the closest mechanic and were like ok let's drive the few blocks to get there and have someone check it out. We drove to one mechanic and they were closed but because my car handled fine I was like ok let's go further to a mechanic that actually looks a lot more legit. So we made it to a mechanic in Gretna and caught them about 15 minutes before they closed up for the day. I was able to explain the situation and leave it overnight.

Dinner. My mind is totally blank. I have zero idea what I did when I got home. More salmon cakes?

DAY 11. I did it to myself this time. I was mopey and pouty all morning about my car and if I was going to have to spend a butt load of money on it that I totally neglected basic needs like drinking water and feeding myself. I got a killer headache which I'm pretty sure was because of no water and also no coffee.

Breakfast. Eggs probably. Maybe even some avocado.

Lunch. I feel like I ate those salmon cakes for a crazy long time so honestly maybe more salmon cakes? After lunch I decided I really needed to turn my damn mood around. I went for a walk around the block with Clementine. I got some coffee. I went back home and cleaned super good - cleaned the vacuum before using it so it would work at it's best, vacuumed up all the dog hair, did a load of laundry, made the bed, and did dishes. Then I was feeling so much better and accomplished. To top it off I put on my all green outfit because it's an instant mood booster. I call it my watermelon outfit.

Car Update. My car was ready! All they found was a bad battery which I am still very skeptical about. They said they think the battery was malfunctioning while I was driving and as a fail safe to protect my engine or other parts it shut off. I mean cars are big crazy machine that I don't understand so I'll take it but I'm also still very cautious when I drive it and I'm really afraid to go on the bridge now.

Snack. My friend Ella brought me to pick up my car and then were going to get pedicures and again to prevent myself from being a cranky friend I was like I should stop and get a snack so I stopped at walgreens and got almonds and a larabar! Which hooray didn't know I could have that but the one I got was literally just dates and cashews.

Dinner. Turkey meatballs, red sauce, and zoodles. By the end of the day I was like ok I can keep being better than I feel. So after getting pedicures I really thought about just picking up a burger somewhere that I could sub the bun for lettuce leaves but instead I was like NO you've got all the ingredients in the fridge, just go home and make yourself a damn meal. I've had to give myself a lot of pep talks this week. It was very delicious and the whole time I was cooking I kept looking at the sparkly purple nail polish on toes like THIS BRINGS JOY. So win of the day is definitely good friends that bring you to get your car and then also get a pedicure with you after because you really need a treat.

DAY 12. Things are better and I feel less cranky.

Breakfast. 6:45am, 2 boiled eggs because I need food before drinking espresso at work.

Snack. Almonds and dried mango in my car on the way to shopping at Restaurant Depot.

Lunch. 2:00pm, Leftover turkey meatballs, red sauce and zoodles. This time feels wrong but I'm also pretty sure that I didn't eat until I got home from work. How I survived this long in the day on just two boiled eggs, almonds and dried mango is a mystery but whatever.

Dinner. 6:30pm, cauliflower tortillas topped with bbq jackfruit, cabbage, jalapeno, cilantro, avocado, and lime. We also had topo chico and lime! I made this dinner for my friend Emily who is also doing whole 30! We talked for hours about recipes and comparing notes on mood and meltdowns we've had this week. We both miss bagels and really can't wait for the freaking tiger blood to kick in. Like seriously when is that phase coming??

DAY 13. Feeling refreshed! I feel like a lot of that has to do with talking extensively with someone who is going through all the same feelings and emotions as me. It's a lesson I learn over and over again that I always feel so much better when I realize I'm not alone.

Breakfast. Sweet potato, avocado with lime and jalapeno, and two fried eggs. When I make avocado toast at home I always top it with lime, jalapeno, and fried egg so I wanted to try it out in bowl form. This was good but I'd still rather it over bread instead of a sweet potato.

Prep/Snack. I got caught up trying out recipes and experimenting that this almost took the place of lunch. I'm going to try it again and write out the recipe with the ingredients I use but I experimented with adapting two pinch of yum recipes to be whole 30. This blueberry crisp and this strawberry oat crumble bar. The oat crumble was SO GOOD! I used sweet potatoes instead but I would totally try this all sorts of fillings on the inside. Or even a pumpkin/sweet potato mix in the middle! So yum! I also wanted to see if the cauliflower tortillas were good the next day after being in the fridge so I heated them up on the skillet and had it with the red sauce I made, delicious! I think these would be good like little pizzas - toast the tortillas, add pizza sauce and maybe some nutritional yeast, fresh basil, and some protein like ground meat cooked in Italian spices or roasted chicken. YASS.

Dinner. I had to bring Andy to the airport so on the way home I picked up Atomic Burger because I knew that they have keto options, lettuce wrap or a cauliflower bun. I got the lettuce wrap because the cauli bun has cheddar cheese and made sure that the pickles didn't have any sugar but the woman at the register told me the onions have sugar in them.

Late Snack. Amanda came over to dye my hair like we're in middle school! And she brought pineapple salsa she made! We had it with terro chips because it's root vegetables cooked in sunflower oil with no added ingredients! YAY! They're expensive so it would be better to keep experimenting on how to make them at home. We also cut open the papaya that I had and discovered I'm not a fan of papaya. It smelled like an electrical fire to me? Apparently lots of people think this fruit smells weird.

DAY 14. OMG I feel like I got over the worst part. I still don't feel like I have magic energy but I'm also just so excited to feel a little less crazy today.

Breakfast. Almonds and fresh strawberries and cold brew with almond milk. I woke up late because I went to sleep late and was scrambling around to pack and get ready to go to Lafayette for the day to surprise my family.

Lunch. I went to Zoe's Kitchen and got shrimp kabobs, grilled potatoes, grilled veggies (broccoli, mushrooms, peppers, onions, etc), with spicy harrisa sauce and I want to say the other sauce I got was an israeli sauce? Everything was delicious and I kind of wanted to cry when I ordered because it felt soo nice to go somewhere that had a full whole 30 menu. I went with my sister Sarah who did know I was coming in to town because I've been trying to bring my niece to get her ears pierced and today was finally the day it happened! I got my third hole pierced first so she could see it happen and then she got her first ear piercing! So cute

Snack. Pineapple salsa, root veggie chips, and avocado, and topo chico with lemon. I was really unsure what I was going to be able to eat in Lafayette so I had brought a little cooler of snacks. I wanted to have something to eat before going to my sisters art show! Topo chico is such a treat now!

Late Dinner. I ordered from Zoe's before they closed and I needed to head back to New Orleans that night. Same meal as earlier but I got the chicken kabobs instead of shrimp. I think the shrimp was my favorite of the two. I ate half of this at my parents house because I had to stop by their house anyway to scoop up Clementine before heading home.

That was my week! It was rough but I haven't had any mess ups or eaten anything off limits so far so I'm feeling pretty confident that I can do this thing all the way through! It's really opening my eyes more and more to the food culture we live in. Sugar is in everything and celebrated. I feel like I'm noticing more and more how much the images of junk food are all over the place. Cartoon drawings of burgers and fries and donuts and candy are everywhere. I feel like my pinterest is flooded with cutesy little diys around candy or snacks.

The ability to eat out and know whats in your food is mind blowing. I keep stopping myself from eating out because I feel ashamed and annoyed that I will have to ask the server a million questions about what all of the ingredients are and how it's cooked to make sure I can have it. But truthfully there should be more transparency, especially with chain corporations, so that you know what you're putting in your body.

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