Wedding Part I: Bridal Brunch

My mom and sisters threw me a Bridal Brunch in February and it was a pastel dream! It was more than I had imagined. They did everything and decorated it so cute!!

I lovvvveeeeeee breakfast foods. We had a buffet of potatoes, quiche, bacon, boudin egg rolls, waffles with pretty much any topping you could imagine (there was even stuff to make bananas foster waffles.) There was a mimosa bar and fresh fruit. Three different types of king cake which if you're not from Louisiana it's basically just a giant doughnut.

Spending time with all my ladies and eating good food and drinking coffee is a Saturday well spent.

Courtney brought her fancy camera and took pictures of everything from the day which was a wonderful surprise. She captured all the little details my mom and sisters worked on along with several photos of me making a bunch of really weird faces.

After I opened all of my presents and everyone was gathered in the living room several of my Aunts wanted details about what me and Andy were planning for our elopement. It was really fun to have a girly day talking about our plans to get married in Arizona. While we were still together they all gave me advice about marriage. It was really special listening to all these women in my life talk about love.

We also had an area at the entrance for them to write down any advice and drop off recipe cards which I had sent out with the invitations.

We had a photo shoot outside with balloons which was a blast!

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