Things To Do During Quaratine!

Like many of you I'm feeling overwhelmed with the state of things right now. Here's a list of my favorite podcasts and some crafts that have been saved on my pinterest for some time. I'm going to try my best to include lots of project that will include materials you might already have at home whether you are a craft supply hoarder or not.



  • Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard. This podcast is quickly becoming one of my favorites! Every conversation is so good and really digs deep into being human. He talks a lot about his experience with substance abuse and the 12 steps to recovery, about fears and insecurities, and generally the messiness of being human. It's funny and thoughtful and I have been listening to them nonstop!
  • Reply All. This has been my all time favorite forever. Pj and Alex are lovely, genuine humans with great voices which makes it so easy to listen to them. The show is about the internet but really it's human interest stories. They have some lighthearted episodes and some can get dark where they dive into hackers and online scams and the people behind them. The way they tell a story is fascinating.
  • Invisibila. I will admit that I've only listened to season 1 and a handful of episodes of season 2 but I would still recommend it! The first season is fantastic and the first episode of the second season is mostly set in Louisiana where they tell stories of the oil field industry which was very interesting to me.
  • Stuff You Should Know. Josh and Chuck do a really great job of staying neutral and primarily giving the facts about an expansive variety of topics and events throughout history.
  • S Town. This series is SO FREAKING GOOD. I think I've listened to it twice through and I could honestly listen to it again.
  • Awesome with Allison. I follow Allison on instagram and she is an absolute joy to watch! Her podcast is inspirational and upbeat but she also does not shy away from talking about the really difficult shit like depression and anxiety.
  • Mogul. I will pretty much listen to anything from Gimlet media because they do such a good job at telling stores. This one is about the start of Hip Hop, I only listened to season 1 because I didn't even know the second one had come out yet.
  • Crimetown. Another good one from Gimlet. I listened to the first season which was about crime and corruption in Providence Rhode Island told from both the perspective of the mob and the police. The second season is set in an entirely different city and state.
  • Every Little Thing. Ayo look another Gimlet Media Podcast! This one is short and sweet. If I'm remembering right the episodes are about 15-20 minutes each. They answer your random burning questions which means the episodes are random as hell but very informative. I listened to one about how they catalog clown makeup (who knew there was a system for that or that eggs would be involved), how tunnels are made, about why pumpkin spice is so popular and how engineered flavors work.



Let's break this down into crafts by material! First up PAPER!

Now let's talk textiles...fabric, rope, embroidery floss, etc. Also, I am shameless including some of my own tutorials, lets get into it!

  • Self Binding Cloth Napkins by Crafty for Home. This might not fit into everyday materials people have but cloth napkins are so lovely to have and they've been on my list of things to make for some time. They also make excellent gifts!
  • Felt Heart Pins by La Lune Studios. I made these a few years ago for Valentines Day but I think they would lovely as a sentiment to send to loved ones during this scary time.
  • Quilt Canopy by La Lune Studios. Creating a little canopy reading nook sounds wonderful right about now! You can quilt it if you're feeling extra crafty but you can also follow the directions but just an old sheet as your material.
  • Carrot Treat Bags by Make It and Love It. With Easter just around the corner this fabric treat bag is a great project.
  • Coil and Crochet Scrap Fabric Rug by My Poppet Makes. It's really hard to choose just one tutorial or inspiration image for making these coil rugs because there are so many! I have a similar tutorial on my website as well but I used a tapestry needle instead of a crochet hook. There's also a method using fabric scraps to bind the whole project. I would suggest looking up several methods to find the one that best suits you and the materials you already have on hand.
  • Cactus Pincushion by A Beautiful Mess. Any hand sewing project is very meditative and great for working on while sitting on the couch binge watching tv.



Right now there are lots of places offering free classes, downloads, and things to do.

  • Maker Mint on instagram is posting lots of fun craft ideas for parents to do with kids at home
  • Frances Makes Art is also posting lots of craft projects for kids working with paper and fabric on instagram.
  • Did you know you can access audiobooks, ebooks, and movies from the library?? It's awesome! You can use a third party app to download it and there are several. I use overdrive but there's also Libby and Hoopla. If you don't want to wait for a particle book on hold though you can always use Audible or Booksparks
  • I love the art of Amanda Evanston! She is a source of great inspiration in both her artwork and the way she walks through the world. I would highly recommend following her on instagram. She has lots of wonderful tutorials all saved to her story highlights and she also offers online painting classes. I'm currently taking her Secret Garden class and I love it.
  • Right now there are FREE Ivy League Online Courses! I don't know if this is free all year long but I heard about this website because of COVID-19 so let's take advantage of it!


This is a very scary and difficult time for most of us but I truly believe people are stepping up everywhere. Instagram accounts like Tank Good News and Upworthy are posting wonderful uplifting stories of people taking care of each other during this time. Check on your friends, family, neighbors. Community is so incredibly important! Stay safe out there y'all.

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