Prepping for Whole30 & Starting Thoughts

I planned on doing whole30 in September so I started preparing about 2-3 weeks before. At first I just wanted to get a few tried and true recipes to have in my back pocket so I wasn't totally lost. As I made recipes I realized it would be really difficult to just completely change my diet one day so I started to slowly eliminate things I wouldn't be able to have and introduce compliant options. I eliminated cheese, corn tortillas, beans, peanuts, and cream in my coffee right away because they were the easiest. I got big lettuce leaves to use instead of bread. I made mayo which actually turned out terrible. I'm pretty sure it was because I used olive oil and it should have been a milder oil. I ended up buying the compliant option at whole foods. I tried out spaghetti squash instead of noodles which was awesome! I started buying meat from Trader Joe's that I knew was compliant - bacon with no nitrates or sugar.

After I read the timeline in the book about what to expect I started to get really nervous about how intense this was going to be so I decided to sprinkle in some full whole30 days in my week to get me started. I quickly realized that dinner was the hardest meal of the day. I would be good for breakfast and lunch but by the time I got home I would be so hungry and didn't want to think or cook and so I would be like omg I need a burger NOW. It made me realize that in order to get through the month I would have to cook dinner the night before and basically always have ingredients ready to go in the fridge.

I'm really glad I did all of those things ahead of time and didn't figure it out once I officially started the program. I'm starting whole30 with these things in my fridge

  • leftover cooked spaghetti squash
  • leftover pesto - omit Parmesan to make whole30 compliant
  • roasted rosemary red potatoes and garlic
  • thai chicken curry
  • primal kitchen mayo
  • eggs
  • bacon - trader joe's is the only place I was able to find a compliant option with no sugar or nitrates
  • fruits: strawberries, green apples, watermelon, cherries
  • veggies: cucumber, sweet baby peppers, jalepenos, sweet potato, red potatoes, kale, spinach, large leaf lettuce for wraps, cherry tomatoes, avocados
  • herbs: cilantro, parsley, dill, chives


I don't think I have a bad diet right now and I really feel like I eat pretty healthy. I think the hardest thing to give up will be bread and sugar. While I don't have a lot of candy or sodas, I loveeee baked goods. I love cookies and milkshakes and ice cream. I've heard from a lot of people that when they give up sugar they feel really sharp and like they have a clear head and lots of natural energy. That is kind of what's keeping me going is to understand what clean eating can feel like. I think that might help me make better food decisions and stray away from bad items after the program. I don't think I have a bad relationship with food as is. I'm really using this as a reset from sugar and to understand my body better and how it reacts to these other items as they are reintroduced into my diet.

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