Short Stuff: Crafty Ribbon Medals

This is not really a tutorial or diy as much as it is just like here's a thing I did and maybe it will inspire you because there are no instructions. Like if I wrote instructions it would be like gather ribbon, a big safety pin, and shiny garbage from around your house and glue it all together until you like the way it looks. The end.

Anyway, I made these to be Mardi Gras throws for a walking parade in New Orleans. If you don't live in Lousiana and you don't know what throws are - it's free garbage you give to strangers. Walking parades usually make their garbage instead of buying pre-made. You'll understand when you experience it.

If you received any of my garbage during Mardi Gras, Congratulations! I hope you treasure it.

Materials I used include

  • ribbon
  • scrap fabric
  • bottle caps
  • tiny pom poms
  • rhinestones
  • assorted beads
  • fringe
  • embroidery floss
  • pipe cleaners
  • bells
  • rhinestone chain
  • sequins
  • doubloons
  • glitter foam sheets
  • buttons
  • lace
  • mosaic tile
  • metal caps to hang ornaments

I will say the one tip I have that I feel like worked really well was using pipe cleaners to extend the design below the ribbon and add beads!

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