What I'm Watching: My Favorite YouTube Channels

Y'all youtube is amazing. I love that there is literally videos for every subject. Want to learn how to dance, change the oil in your car, build a house, sew, work with clay, shop at thrift stores, learn how to code, make a video game, fly an airplane, or even eat a watermelon. Yes, there is a video of an old man showing you how to eat a watermelon and you bet your butt I have watched it 100 times. Here's a list of my favorite YouTubers that I tune into every week.


1. With Wendy

This is mostly about sewing your own outfits but she occasionally she'll add in other creative projects. She did a lot of red carpet looks recently which were really fun to watch.

2. The Sorry Girls

This channel mostly focuses on DIY projects and they try a bit of everything. It's really meant for beginners and not experts so it's a good intro into lots of fun and trending projects. They also have a series about one of the girls who recently purchased a house and they go through the renovation process which has been very interesting to watch.

3.  B. Jones Style

This one is all about thrifted style! I absolutely love her outlook, she is all about playing dress up and just trying things out. She does monthly what I wore videos where she does everything she wore in a week and goes through how she puts together an outfit, she does thrift hauls, she does thrift the runway where she goes through Spring and Summer trends from the runway and then looks for it at the thrift store. She has so many good tips and tricks to pick up from watching her.

4. Micarah Tewers

This channel is the least helpful but most entertaining. Good luck recreating any of her projects because she doesn't give you measurements and she speeds up the voice recording so it's hard to even follow the instructions but it is extremely entertaining. Every one of her videos is great! She's also super resourceful so it's fun to watch her put together extravagant outfits.

5. Best Dressed

This is all about style. She focuses a lot on shopping ethically and sometimes thrifting. I mostly watch her because she's so open and honest and I love listening to her talk about struggles and just growing as a person.

6. Safiya Nygaard

I LOVE HER. She is the most honest but also still manages to be extremely down to earth. She does a ton of bad science experiments where she melts lipsticks and other makeup items together. She also does a lot of try on hauls and buys ridiculous stuff from the internet to try. She did a video where she wore high heeled crocs for a week, plastic jeans for a week, she did a whole video explaining what k pop is. Her boyfriend Tyler also has a channel where they mostly try really weird food.

7. The DIY Designer

I recently discovered her and I love every one of her videos. She does a lot of designer hacks which look amazing! It doesn't always mean cheap but it means you can make it yourself. I loved watching it to get ideas for Mardi Gras outfits.

8. Debi's Design Diary

She doesn't post videos super often but each one is really beautiful! I first discovered her when I went down a rabbit hole on Pinterest looking at videos and blogs of people who painted their couches. She owns her own chalk paint company and her videos are mostly her refinishing furniture using her chalk paint line.

9. Living Big In A Tiny House

This is little interviews with people about their tiny house. How they built it, what features it has, how much it costs, and just generally talking about Tiny House Living. They go all over the world so it's really interesting to see all the different variations and materials used for different climates and ways of life.

10. The Midnight Quilt Show

This show is what gave me the confidence to actually start quilting myself. She makes really cheesy jokes but I like a lot of the quilt designs she does and it's really fun to watch them come together and pick up little tips along the way.

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