Handmade Christmas 2017

This was originally published on January 31, 2018

This year I made it my mission to say goodbye to big box stores for Christmas and only purchase from local small businesses or hand make items myself. It's honestly really hard to do and some of the items I had in mind didn't pan out but here it goes.


This one was actually pretty easy. I had managed to not show them any of the wedding photos so I made them a photo book. There are a lot of different photo book websites and tools but I just used apple because honestly it is so freaking easy. It pulls directly from iphoto which is where everything was saved already and the format is easy and doesn't make you want to rip your hair out. It was also only $30 for a hardcover book which felt like a steal.

I also gave them individual presents. For my mom, I made her a doughnut shaped pin cushion and a pair of pom pom earrings which she requested! For my dad, I picked him up a bag of coffee from Mojo.


Sarah is a yoga instructor and travels at least once a month for work so I got her this cookbook from The Stacks Bookstore and I made her a really pretty drawstring laundry bag with Rifle fabric I bought from Chateau Sew and Sew.


Hailey has been obsessed with Alice in Wonderland for a few years now so I got her one of the new Rifle fabrics from Chateau Sew and Sew and made her a tote bag. I also got her a pair of shoelaces from Trudeaux Makes on Etsy.


Hannah has 3 cats and loves all things tiny and cute so I decided I was going to make her a tiny teepee and figured at least one of the cats would sleep in it. It was a total flop. I made a prototype using an old sheet before cutting into the pretty fabric I bought and it ended up being more of a cat trap and less of a bed. It totally fell apart the minute you touched it and was not as structured and shapely as I hoped it would be. So I ended up just giving her the fabric so she could make whatever she wanted from it. I also picked up a pothos from Urban Roots. And I made her a pair of tassel earrings using fringe from Jefferson Variety and jewelry supplies from the Bead Shop. I also picked up a bead applique piece from Jefferson Variety while I was getting the fringe.


I broke the rules a little bit with Jordan because boys are hard to shop for. Hannah told me he loved this pesto I made when they were visiting so I made him a whole jar and then picked up some other snacks to add to the basket from Trader Joe's.


Gift giving is freaking stressful and hopefully this gives someone ideas for the holidays next year or birthdays throughout the year. It's easy to just go pick up a gift from Target but making something for someone is so much more special! If you're not crafty then buy something handmade from someone who is! It's much more rewarding to receive something made with love than something made in a factory.

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