DIY Gift Guide for Kids

This guide is somewhat laughable because it's coming from someone with no children or any sort of relationship with a child BUT I am one crafty bitch and this is some stuff that I would make for a small human if I knew one. Each project is DIY so it's perfect for any of you last minute holiday gift givers. 



  1. Anything for dress up is always a good idea and this tiara from Debi's Design Diary is so magical. I freaking loved dress up as a kid. I remember having friends over on Sunday afternoons after Church so we could dress up and have tea parties (honestly not much has changed because I still want to do that). Also, Debi has a youtube channel where she does furniture makeovers that is totally amazing. 
  2. Bean bag chair. I was sooo jealous of my friends that had bean bag chairs in their room. Even if you have minimal sewing skills you can make this happen. Its literally a blob. Also now they have such good fabric glue you can make it with that and it will be totally fine (I like fabri-tac if you go the glue route)! If you do have a sewing machine this tutorial from Project Nursery is only 30 minutes! You can purchase some really crazy cool faux furs or plushy fabrics like these which I think would be a cool gift even for a tween or teen.
  3. Bookshelf turned theater or reading nook! This tutorial from the blog Hemma Fix Bloggen is an Ikea bookshelf hack but I think you could create similar results with a thrifted piece of furniture. I love it because they have a little bench seat on the inside but it also looks perfect for playing theater with dolls.
  4. Felt garden from a Beautiful Mess. Felt is amazing because it's cheap, easy to sew and super soft and kid friendly. There are so many felt food tutorials online but I especially love this little garden because it's such a cute way to show kids where their food comes from. 
  5.  DIY Felt Campfire. This tutorial from Lia Griffith is so good! Become a member for the templates and full tutorial. There is also a coordinating felt s'mores kit tutorial on her website.
  6. Painted toy guitar and case. This tutorial is from yours truly and I made it for the only child I know and then realized painting a toy they will maybe definitely put in their mouth is a no no so then I made this case for it!
  7. Three bears sleeping bag. You can purchase the template and tutorial for this adorable toy sleeping bag from Flossie Teacakes. Something this small means you can add lots of lovely little details that pack a big punch like adding special trim or embroidery. I really love that one of these is quilted.
  8. Automata toy diy. I am fascinated by these!! They are so mesmerizing and there are a lot of tutorials and info on how to make them. This one from Instructables is pretty straightforward and uses easy materials like cardboard however you can also make this with craft wood that is still super easy to use and affordable. You could also repurpose toys to be the moving element. There are endless possibilities! I would highly recommend just going down a Pinterest rabbit hole searching "automata toy."
  9. Puppet theater. This tutorial from the blog Magnesium Blue is super affordable using cardboard as the main structure! It would be really awesome to make this and also pair it with a book about how to make hand shadows. There's lots of books about this for kids! I also made a box theater costume for Mardi Gras one year out of cardboard so you can decorate the box to be as elaborate as you want. Check out that tutorial here
  10. Quilted tent. This is another DIY I wrote! I did this in collaboration with Dylan M for her latest fabric collection Playground. I think gifting this with some string twinkly lights would really pump up the whimsical magic vibes.

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