DIY Heart Pins

I freaking love Valentine's Day. Unlike other holidays it's completely stress free and you get to make heart crafts and eat candy. So pretty much a win any way you look at it.

This year I decided to make heart pins out of felt to send to friends and family. I made a total of 14. It's a super fun and simple craft but very time consuming when you're making so many!

When it came time to package the valentines we reused some leftover supplies from my cousins wedding. She had cut out Polaroid templates as her guest book sign in which I used to write cheesy pick up lines. The little flags were made for the wedding send off and they worked perfectly to pin the brooches on. The flags were just fabric triangles glued to wooden coffee stirrers. The bags were made from pages of teen vogue which happened to be a feminist issue and made for some great Galentine's Day packaging.

It was great to send a little surprise snail mail love to friends and family and even better to make use of leftover craft supplies I had around the house!

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