Big Ass Hanging Shelf

I built this shelf specifically for storing really lightweight materials in my studio like fake flowers, tinsel, and yarn. It can probably handle more weight but I'm not guaranteeing anything. But you can always use a more heavy duty mesh material if you wanted to use it to store heavier items.


  • x2 pine boards measuring .75" x 1.5" x 8'
  • 1 roll of wire netting measuring 2' x 5'
  • saw - I used a hack saw because the boards are pretty easy to cut through so whatever you got will work
  • staple gun
  • screws - I used 1.5"
  • drill or screwdriver
  • hardware for hanging from ceiling - I used wall anchors, screw eye, and nylon rope

Step 1:

Cut your pine boards to make a frame. I cut two pieces measuring 5' long and then two pieces that were an inch or two short of 2' (I laid the boards out alongside my roll of mesh to make sure it was a length I liked and then cut there).

Step 2:

Arrange your frame and add a couple of staples where the boards meet to hold it all in place so nothing shifts while you add screws. Then I added two screws to all 4 corners. Give it a quick sand along all the edges to knock off any rough patches.

Step 3:

Staple your mesh to your frame. If I wasn't in such a rush to get this project done, I wish I would have unrolled this a day ahead of time and flattened it out with books and such to get it nice and flat. However, I didn't do this. I just unrolled it and stapled the shit out of it, hammering every so often to get the staples super set in.

*I found this mesh at Lowe's outside in the garden section by fencing materials next to things like chicken wire and rolls of plastic mesh.

Step 4:

Call a friend and buy her tacos for helping you with this next step. We used strong wall anchors and screw eyes to attach the frame at each corner by nylon rope! It's definitely a two person job to hang this up and make sure everything is level. We just passed the rope through the mesh and looped in around the wood frame and tied the rope to itself with several knots to make sure it was secure. I left all the excess rope and just tucked it into the shelf in case I ever want to hang the shelf lower than it is right now.

Immediately fill it with the most shiny and colorful things you have and stare at it! This project is a SNAP!

I was originally inspired by photos of antique ladders used to hang baskets full of flowers hanging from the ceiling. I also saw a really cool photo of someone who mounted an old metal bed frame to the ceiling and strung lights through it! Hopefully this inspires you to make something or start hanging unlikely materials from your ceiling.


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