September Health Month: 30 Days of Salads!

 Last September I challenged myself to do Whole30 and it was a very valuable experience! While it was super difficult it also taught me so much about how to make healthy clean eating choices. I thought about doing it again this year but  decided it might be better to give myself a different healthy challenge. So instead of limiting myself I wanted to focus on what I could add to my diet and hopefully build a habit of eating more veggies. So here we go, 30 days of salad!


There you go! 30 days of salads is complete! Lots were repeats which should tell you just how delicious they were. That peanut so good!! One big takeaway I found is that I have a much more successful day if I eat my salad for breakfast or lunch. If I wait until the end of the day it sometimes ends up being not so healthy or just random ingredients like the day I put a cheese quesadilla over greens lol. And there was only one day I made a salad so terrible that I didn't eat it's actually 29 days of salads.

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