Hi! I'm Emily and I Make Stuff!

I'm into bold, bright colors and patterns, whimsical editorial images that spark your imagination, over the top costumes, and adventure.

In my creative career I've worked as a leather and exotic skin craftsperson, was a seamstress to small businesses making home goods, had my own line of handmade products, taught craft workshops at small businesses and art museums, managed a highly curated boutique where I was the buyer and visual merchandiser, and most recently worked as a stylist and creative director for photo shoots. In my personal life you'll find me building furniture, giving thrift store finds new life, hot gluing random stuff together, making Mardi Gras costumes, and decorating my home. I firmly believe I can teach myself how to build anything if I spend enough time on Pinterest and Youtube. Basically I am incredibly passionate about all forms of creativity! 

You can now book my photography services for Austin, TX! Click the button below to start talking about your photoshoot! 

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"I was floored when I got my portrait album back from Emily. It contained SO MANY good shots that it was difficult to choose. She captured my aesthetic and personality so well, and even threw in the cutest pics ever taken of my dog!"

Cecelia Claire

"Emily is one of my favorite creatives to work with! She's full of quirky ideas that excite and inspire me. A great director and human."

Bailey Flores

Ready to Book Your Photo Session?

Send me a message right here and let's get started! Not ready to pull the trigger just yet? Check out the FAQ page to learn more about the process and take the Photoshoot Quiz! You can always contact me for a free photo consultation so we can talk through your shoot ideas and I can give you an estimate on price and turnaround time.


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